1. Scientific design and advanced oil circulating lubrication system

Oil lubricates the core rotating part making lubrication thorough.

  Scientific cooling system ensures normal operation in constant temperature and maintains the best conditions at which the core parts are running thus prolonging its service life.

  Scientific heating system ensures the equipment can reach normal working temperature in a low temperature environment.

  Scientific protecting mechanism can monitor the service data such as oil temperature and oil pressure in real time.

  2. Advanced working principle and high productivity (stone-on-stone principle)

Since stones collide with each other, it does not contact the inner liner, thus reducing wear and maintenance work.

  Stone-on-stone working principle ensures large yield of fine aggregates.

  The working principle ensures good shaping. The aggregates are cubes with little sharp products.

  3. Scientific design and automatic overflow

  Scientific overflow design ensures normal operation of motors with stable loads.

  Automatic overflow design increases the handling capacity.

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