1. The frame, corridor and protective rails with optimal design are simple in structure and highly durable. The special bolt securing design makes it easy to dissemble, assemble and transport it.

  2. The sifting bed is connected all by bolts to avoid welding stress. The cross beam is designed by finite element analysis and can reduce the whole load while ensuring its strength.

  3. Simple type or seat type eccentric vibration exciter is used to achieve advanced structure and strong excitation force. Two seat type exciters are added to the rotor bearing responsible for adjusting the core to lengthen the operating life. Special eccentric belt pulley prevents the V belt from jolting with the sifting bed.

  4. The electric circuit is inverter brake or power brake connected. The vibrating sieve can turn off the machine safely and steadily, letting the sieve bed skip the sympathetic vibration area quickly and increases its service life.

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