Product characteristics

  •   Modularized non-weld structure

  Improper welding can change the properties of the crushed material, affect crusher’s service life, cause additional maintenance work and delay the production. New crushers use front and rear lever, individual aprons, integrated bearing seat and bolt connection. This makes the transportation of it more convenient.

  •   Simple and easy installation

  The crushing machine with optimal design has better stability. It uses damping cushion and retaining block to short the installation time, without the need for pre-fabricated ground bolts or built-in bolt holes.

  •   Integrated installation

  It is fitted with an ex-factory motor support, with the motor and the machine in one body, reducing installation space and the length of the V belt. The motor and the crusher move in synchrony thus increasing the life span of the V belt.

  •   Finite element analysis

  The crushing machine was designed with professional machine design software. From components modeling to mechanism analysis, and from kinetics analysis to finite element analysis, the whole process of design is controlled effectively.

  •   Optimum crushing chamber

  The crushing chamber with optimal design, coupled with the rational strokes, increases production capacity. All materials, whether it is cobbles, mining stones or minerals, have toothed plate to match them.

  •   Easy adjustment and easy automation

  The new type crusher uses wedge block as adjustment. Mechanic adjustment enables simple operation whether in operation or during shutdown. When it is changed to hydraulic mode, automatic control can be realized without the need to increase or decrease the heavy block or to manually tighten or loose the spring nut. Only a touch of the button can start the adjustment as well as tightening of the moving jaw.

  •   Fittings selection

  A variety of parts are available for PEV series crushers, including feed hopper, flywheel protective hood, automatic lubrication system and low pressure adjusting system. These parts can considerably increase its operating efficiency and lower production costs.

  •   Optimum mechanism

  Mechanism analysis is used to optimize the moving jaw stroke, which is larger than that of ordinary machine and realizes higher capacity and productivity.

  •   Production and processing

  PEV series crushing machines use quality alloy cast steel and hot-rolled steel plate thus ensuring its service life and stability.

  •   Ultra-large bearing

  The model uses four bearings with identical sizes and is larger than other models of the same specification. It has longer useful life and shorter time needed to repair the moving jaw assembly, prolonging the circle of bearing replacement.

  •   Hydraulic adjustment system at the discharge outlet (optional)

  Every type of crusher can be provided with a hydraulic adjustment system. The combination of the energy accumulator and the hydraulic cylinder can automatically adjust the discharge outlet and tighten the moving jaw. The safe and reliable hydraulic system reduces preliminary work before start-up, improving productivity and ensuring safety.

  Note: items marked with “○” are standard setting. Those with “—“ are optional parts. Customers can consult the sales manager for reasonable parts.

  PEV series jaw type crushers can be installed in a moving crushing station. Whether it is track type or wheel type, it can be mounted in a variety of manners. PEV series jaw type crusher has many toothed plate for various purposes to meet the crushing needs under different conditions.

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